Třeboň is a town located in the district of Jindřichův Hradec in the South Bohemian Region, 22 km east of České Budějovice. Approximately 8,400 inhabitants live here. There are more than four hundred different ponds in the Třeboň Basin, which have been gradually built since the 14th century. Třeboň is among the largest of them, namely the ponds Svět a Rožmberk. Třeboň leads the Zlatá stoka water channel, masterpiece Štěpán Netolický from the 16th century, which connects the pond system.

The city has an extensive service infrastructure – Aurora Peat Baths and Bertina Spa, summer can visit the beautiful Ostende swimming pool at the World Pond, the whole Třeboňsko is interwoven with a dense network of renowned cycling routes. There is also the Municipal Theater J.K. Tyla, a cinema, a music club, a large number of confectioners, cafés and restaurants, and many shops such as Kaufland and Penny Market.